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Building Web Links


This guide walks you through how to land on specific desktop and mobile web pages. Many options are available including:

  • Landing on a specific venue or event.
  • Landing in the checkout path for a specific location or event.
  • Filtering results by seller, location, or event.
  • Pre-filling fields including start time, end time, coupon code, and user email.


The following parameters are used in the query string to drive behavior when landing on

Do not to assume any parameter combination will function. Refer to the example URLs for supported combinations.

Parameter name Purpose Example value
lat Destination latitude 41.875662
lng Destination longitude -87.6297777
start ISO 8601 parking start time 2020-02-27T09:00-06:00
end ISO 8601 parking end time 2020-02-27T21:00-06:00
pwa Partner affiliate code pa-001
event_name Filter events by name Bulls
event_id Arrive event ID 865556
tm_event_id Ticketmaster event ID 3B00548EF4B62403
event_package_ids Package IDs 39812,12340
seller_id Filter parking locations on Seller ID 3783
location_id Filter on a Location ID 2810
coupon Coupon code, auto-applied at checkout ZOO19

Example URLs

The examples below demonstrate functionality, but not necessarily an ideal design. Arrive’s marketing team will can work with you to create assets that follow best practices.

Coordinates (lat/long)

Use this example link to display parking options around specific latitude and longitude coordinates, within a specific time frame. The URL path must include the location name like this: /destination/name-to-display-on-search. This will cause the name to display on the search results page.

Example: Parking/?start=2020-11-27T11:30:00-06:00&end=2020-11-27T12:30:00-06:00&lat=41.875662&lng=-87.6297777

Book Parade Parking


Useful in travel for partners who want to land users on airport search results with their trip departure and return dates pre-populated.


Book Parking for my Flight


This is the basic venue URL using the venue slug created by ParkWhiz.


Book Fenway Parking

Venue with event name filter

This format allows you to land the user on the ParkWhiz venue page with filtered list of events.


Book Bulls Parking

Event with Ticketmaster ID

When Ticketmaster event ID is known, pass it in to land on parking results for that specific event.


Book New York Rangers vs. Chicago Blackhawks Parking

Event with seller ID filter

Filter event search results on a specific Arrive seller.


SP+ Ozzy Osbourne Parking

Event with location ID

Booking parking for an event at a specific location given an event ID and location ID.


Checkout Now

Coupon code

Pre-fill a coupon code that will auto-apply upon landing.


Book 10% Off Parking