This reference details the types of co-branding available with our integration as well as the requirements to enable them.


The Arrive platform offers a number of co-branding opportunities through our web and transactional email user experience. Co-branding can be triggered through the following types of integrations:

  • Bookings made through the Arrive API or JavaScript widget using a partner token.
  • Web sessions that start from a URL containing a partner affiliate code parameter.

To get started with co-branding, please contact your Arrive customer success manager.



Custom logos may be used to replace the ParkWhiz logo in the navigational header on most desktop and mobile web pages, as well as be added to the header and footer within the JavaScript widget.

The image provided must:

  • Be in .png format with a transparent background
  • Fit in a 250x50 container
  • Use bold colors that are visible over white background
  • Avoid small copy that is difficult to read on mobile

Good Logo Example Bad Logo Example

Custom logos are supported on the following pages:

Search Resultsx
My Parking
Payment Methods
Saved Vehicles
Account Settings
Help Centerxx

Parking Passes#

Web-based parking passes work great on desktop and mobile and can be configured to limit ParkWhiz branding and CTAs.

The following options are available for customization:

  • Add partner header logo with 'Powered by ParkWhiz' co-branding for on-site operator recognition.
  • Add Partner's help center contact information.
  • Show/Hide download ParkWhiz app CTAs.
  • Show/Hide ParkWhiz footer.
  • Show/Hide 'Cancel Pass' link (API integrations only).

Example Customized Pass


The same logo asset used in web branding will be used on the pass.

Transactional Emails#

Booking confirmation and cancellation emails can be modified to include the channel partner's brand.

To customize transactional emails, we'll need:

  • A logo image that fits in a 377x140 container, without small copy that's difficult to read on mobile.
  • A background color hex code.

An example is provided below.

Example Transactional Email

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