Payment Services

Our widget provides a variety of payment options to best fit your users and your integration. This reference details when are where each payment option should be used.


The following payment methods are supported within the Widget:

TypeCredit CardApple PayGoogle Pay
iOS Webview (< iOS 13)xx
iOS Webview (>= iOS 13)✓ ***x
Android Webviewxx *
Android Custom Tabsx
Stand Alone (not embedded)✓ **

* | The payment button will show up in the Widget, however, it will not work properly ** | Only supported in Safari. Button shouldn't show up in other browsers. *** | Note that using script injection APIs, such as WKUserScript or evaluateJavaScript(completionHandler) disables Apple Pay for that view.

A detailed reference of payment types and processes is provided below.

Payment Types#

Credit Card#

Credit card payment is supported in all versions of the widget. In this form of checkout, the user will have to input their credit card information directly into the widget. This checkout experience looks and feels exactly as it does within the ParkWhiz website, without the need for page redirect.

Apple Pay#

Apple Pay support is contingent on whether you're using a device that support Apple Pay. Please see the following link for more details.

Google Pay#

Google Pay support is available on most browsers and devices.

Payment Processes#

Guest Checkout#

Using the Guest Checkout UI Component Arrive will automatically handle and process payment in-app.


  • Arrive handles payment processing
  • User stays within the native experience


  • Payment information is not saved
  • Apple and Google pay are not supported

Pay by Redirect#

There are cases in which it's preferred to have checkout on the ParkWhiz website rather than within the widget. These cases can include:

  • Your site or application is not running in https
  • There's not enough screen real estate to render the checkout page successfully
  • Your site or application is not mobile responsive

As long as the value checkout is not included in the parameter list ui-components within your widget URL the user will be redirected to payment on the ParkWhiz website.


  • Payment information is saved to the user's ParkWhiz account
  • All payment types are supported


  • User is redirected outside of the native experience
  • User's payment information is not passed back to the partner

Pay on Invoice#

If you'd like the user to bypass payment entirely, and would prefer that we send you an invoice totaling all purchases from within your applications, please reach out to our Partner Support Team.


  • You have full control of the payment flow prior to booking


  • Purchases are not updated in real-time

Pay through Callback#

Using the Payment Callback you can invoke your own native payment service within your application. This can be bundled with Pay on Invoice or handled separately.


  • You have full control of the payment flow
  • Payment purchases are handled in your internal processor


  • Additional development work is required
  • Additional support work is required to settle payments and refunds
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