DifficultyLevel of IntegrationTime to Implement
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The Transactional API gives you full control over your users and their booking flow. This implementation is best suited for services that are looking for the most brand-cohesive experience possible, want granular user and result management, and have the development resources available to link their back-end system to the Arrive platform.

The following API's are provided by Arrive:

  • Stable [Transactional API](http://developer.arrive.com/v4/): The core API. For Demand Partners to find and book parking
  • Stable Seller API: For Supply Partners to retrieve transactional data
  • Beta Management API: For Supply Partners to communicate location and rate information, and location capacity/utilization between systems

In addition, the Arrive platform provides real-time API-based notifications for transactable events, and data feeds for POI data ingestion.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or are interested in learning more about the seller or management APIs.

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