Pass Retrieval

This walkthrough provides tutorials and best practices to retrieve and display parking passes.


So you've booked parking - now what? Either let us handle passes via emails or build your own My Bookings page for a greater level of customization.


Looking to customize the style of your parking pass? Take a look at the Co-branding: Parking Passes section of the Integration Guides.


Arrive can automatically send the parking pass as a one-click code to the user's email. This is done automatically and can be turned off per request. For a summary of styling that can be applied to pass emails, please refer to the Co-branding: Transactional Emails section of the Integration Guides.

My Bookings Page#

If you'd like a greater level of control on pass retrieval and display, you can store the Booking Response or Retrieve Bookings via our API to return a list of bookings as a My Bookings page.

If creating the My Bookings page, we recommend a list view of purchased parking, sorted by date with any currently active passes highlighted for easy retrieval.

The list items should have the following information easily available for user filtering and reference:

  • The parking location
  • The parking start and end date/time
  • The event the parking is attributed to (if applicable)

When selecting the list item itself, we recommend redirecting to the web_url provided within the booking/pw:parking_pass model to guarantee an up-to-date parking pass. This can either be done in a WebView or as a page linkout.

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